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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Gospel of Greek Gastronomy on the Web

May Apollo and the Nine Muses of Olympus bless and keep you all!

As part of my Greek Food "Reflections", I want to acknowledge an individual whom I have only recently come into contact with, but who deserves every accolade for their efforts at cataloguing and sharing Greek cuisine with the world! But even more than that, I wish to thank her for her genuine and generous nature which are human qualities our world could use a whole lot more of…

Nancy Gaifyllia: Nancy's Greek Food Blog on

Nancy is a veritable legend when it comes to Greek food on the Internet. Her recipes, postings and discussions of Greek food on the web site are a testament to her love of Greek cuisine and her desire to share that passion with the world at large. Now, I have not met nor spoken with Nancy, but she is a member of my Greek Food group on Facebook and probably does not know that I am aware of her activities relating to Greek cookery. So, this endorsement has nothing to do with any personal connection and everything to do with respect for her dedication to my own greatest passion: spreading the Gospel of Greek Gastronomy… Hats off to you, Nancy!


I am sure that there are many others blogging about Greek food with whom I have yet to come into contact or discover, so let me state that in addition to Nancy, I would also like to salute and acknowledge the Unknown Greek Food Blogger wherever, and whomever, you may be!


Sam Sotiropoulos
Greek Gourmand

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Peter M said...

Sam, thank you for your kind words. We see eye to eye on Greek food and I too sense your passion for sharing our rich cooking legacy.

Let the weather warm up a bit and we'll feast like the Gods!

Jacki said...

Oh man, more food blogs to read!! Yumm..... Thanks for highlighting these blogs, it is always hard to find good ones so I like recommendations.

Lynilu said...

Sam, I live in a rather remote rural area. We don't have a lot of culinary supply options. In fact, I drove all over the county this AM looking for pita bread. Pita, for goodness sake!! This is killing me after living in cities with lots of choices for the past 40 years, but I chose to live here and I love it.

I'm wondering if you might be able to give some some substitutes for the specifically Greek ingredients. For instance, is "Greek Yogurt" unflavored yogurt? I haven't found yellow split peas. When you preface an ingredient with "Greek" is it different from what I'm going to find on the shelves? (Greek oregano, Greek feta)

I made the Milk Pie and it was a huge smash with my friends! I can't wait to try more! Sorry to sound whiny, but I appreciate your advice!!

Bellini Valli said...

I have "met" most of the Greek food bloggers you have mentioned and agree wholeheartedly with your statements. Some I have not come across, so ,I thank you for bringing these bloggers to our attention:D May they "live long and prosper"

Ivy said...

Sam, this was a huge surprise to me. I pass by your blog and read your posts often. Peter and Laurie are both friends and excellent cooks. You are right about Nancy. Although I do not know her personally I have come to know her in and have many times read her recipes. I shall visit the others you mention and read their posts.
I have something to add to your list. Another Canadian, who is Val from More than burnt Toast. and whom I have nominated as Honorary Citizen of Greece as she is talking about Greece in nearly all her posts and has cooked nearly anything which is Greek. Val and I are preparing something very difficult together and hope that we will be able to post about it soon.

Ivy said...

P.S. I just want to tell Lynilu that I have made my own pita breads, so she can make some if she

Sam Sotiropoulos said...

Peter - I am going to hold you to that!!!

Jacki - you are most welcome! I am sure there are more and i will try to add them all as I go.

Lynilu - Remote is good! I have moved to a suburban setting from a lifetime of downtown myself... Takes some getting used to, but then again, By the sounds of it, we are probably not as remote as you! :-o As for your questions:

When referring to Greek yogurt, I am referring to "strained" (or "straggisto" in Greek) yogurt. In my grandmother's home, this was always a sheep's milk yogurt, which was strained through a cheesecloth till only the richest and creamiest element remained. When she used to serve it up to me coupled with honey, nuts and figs, I would literally freak out! Now, in today's market outside of Greece, 'Greek' or strained yoghurt can also be made from cow's milk, providing that it is well strained so that it achieves the proper consolidation. There are many recipes for it on the web, but I will make my own sometime soon so you can wait or explore, either way, I am sure you will enjoy it!!! Now, for the Greek oregano and the Greek feta, unequivocally, there is a difference, particularly with the feta cheese. If you can find either, you should definitely prefer them when making Greek recipes. More details in future postings. You could not find yellow split peas?! Wow, that sounds even more remote than I care to imagine!

I am ebullient to hear that you liked the Milk Pie! But even more, that your friends liked it too!!! May you all make it in Good Health, along with a citation as to its source! ;-)

Frankly, I didn't think your tone was whiny... Stick around, there's more to come!

Bellini Valli - All I can say is: "Beam me up Peter!" lol

Ivy - Thanks for the info, I will have a look! And thanks for the pita bread recipe!!!

Laurie Constantino said...

Oh Sam, I signed on to find what new creation you had made, only to find this very kind post. Thank you for your nice words - I also wish you were my neighbor. And if you were, you could give me photography lessons, as your food pictures are always so mouthwatering.

As for your description of Peter Minakis, it is spot on. His discipline and stamina for documenting his cooking journey is inspirational. Plus I don't think the man ever sleeps. He is amazing.

As is Ivy - another prolific writer. A couple more Greek flavored blogs are
- Souvlaki for the Soul by Peter G in Australia:
- Elly Says Opa:

And, of course, there's you Sam, who provide much more historical detail than anyone around, which is greatly appreciated. I loved your most recent posting about Domatorizo, a wonderful dish. I'm very partial to Greek rice dishes, and this is a particularly good one.

Laurie Constantino said...

Oh, I forgot one of my very favorite greek food blogs and that is Maria Verivaki's Organically Cooked site from Hania:

Lynilu said...

Thank you, Sam. That was helpful.

My group of friends holds a "pot luck" frequently and we share our newest discovered delights as well as the old family favorites. they all know exactly where I found the recipe!!

Rest assured that I will stick around, and I will most assuredly give credit where it is due. And I'll be looking for Greek foods in stores when I get to "the city"!!

Again, thanks!

Gold Country Girl said...

Thank thank you for posting these blogs. I somehow found your blog several days ago by searching for greek food blogs, and am so glad to have found it. Having several to look at is wonderful. I spent a year in Greece in the 80's as an exchnange student and have so many great food memories. I can't wait to try some of the things you have on your blog!