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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What About the Leftovers?

Home-made gyros sandwich from leftovers

After Sunday's Easter celebration, like most other Greek families all around the world we have a surfeit of roast meat and sweets left over; enough to feed my wife and I for the next couple of days (dare I say weeks!). In our family, my father has always insisted that every one of his Easter guests leave with something to take home, so he sees them off with aluminum foil wrapped packages and a wave at the door.

But what do Greeks do with leftover roast meats? Well, in my family, we make tasty gyros (pronounced YEE-ros) sandwiches! The post-Easter period is an excellent opportunity to enjoy gyros sandwiches at home and there is really not much to it. All you need is some leftover roughly diced roast meat (pork or lamb or chicken), some Greek pita bread, some tzatziki (Greek garlic-yogurt sauce), some chopped onion and a dash of dried Greek oregano. Feel free to add or subtract ingredients like tomatoes, mustard and fried potatoes, depending on your tastes.


1. Spray pita bread (or fry pan) with a little extra virgin olive oil and fry pita on both sides until it is heated through and slightly toasted but still soft.

2. Place the well heated pita bread on a plate and spread a tablespoonful of tzatziki in a line across the middle of the pita.

3. Add the thoroughly warmed meat(s) directly overtop of the tzatziki, and top it all with the chopped onion and a sprinkling of dried Greek oregano.

4. Proceed to curl up the sides of the pita bread (making sure to leave a wider opening on one end), and complete the sandwich by pinning the curled edges of the pita bread together somewhere near the middle with a toothpick.

There you go, some homemade gyros you can be proud of... even if it is made with leftovers.

Kali Orexi! (Bon Appetit!)

Sam Sotiropoulos
Greek Gourmand
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Peter M said...

Sam, it's breakfast time and I ask is it wrong for me to crave this gyro now? Too bag...ena ap'ola, parakalo!

Drew Jaeger said...

Hi! New subscriber to the blog here. This sounds so good and like Peter_M said I am craving Gyros for breakfast now. My favorite part about getting them in Greece was the pile of fries they added to the sandwich!


Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Ha! Yee-ros. I grew up in the New York-New Jersey area, where even Greeks call them Jai-ros. I know it's incorrect, but I can't help it...

AMY VIG said...

Mmm. Anything on pita bread sounds good to me! Thanks for adding me to your reader. I'm going to tag you on mine too so that people can see some of your great, authentic Greek food!

vonsachsen said...

I was delighted to find your blog because I am a greekofile :D(is there such a word yet?) and your posts are very informative and such good reads!
Along with the others, can I have a gyros sandwich too, please? And thanks for the pronounciation help:)
I look forward to browse in your archive and to your future posts.

Anonymous said...

That looks so good. I want to eat one right now.

The pronunciation tips are great too.

Natasha said...

I made gyros at home for the first time a few weeks ago, and now I'm totally hooked and want to make them every day!

Maryana said...

My guests became fond of gyro pita. It's so easy to make, tasty to eat and nice too look.
Certainly to be repeated :-)