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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cod With Raisins...Bakaliaros Me Stafida (Video Redux)

Having posted this recipe as my first blog posting, I thought it would be fitting to revisit the dish for my first video blog posting. Though this dish is more of a cooler (or rainy) weather comfort food, I can eat this year round without complaint.

Greeks have had a long relationship with the sea and its bounty. As Greece has over 14,000 kilometres of coastline the majority of her population is never very far from the sea, hence, Greece abounds in recipes for the cooking of seafood and each region of the country has its own specialties. This recipe originates in the southern Peloponnese, specifically from the area of the coastal city of Kalamata. However, it is not likely that you will find this dish in any of the restaurants that line the city’s harbour; this is traditional home cooking pure and simple.

This unique recipe combining the fruits of the vine and sea was taught to me by my Aunt Voula some fifteen years ago, and has remained as one of my all-time favourite fish dishes. As the video illustrates, the preparation is quite simple and requires a minimum of ingredients. Furthermore, although one might be tempted to think that this meal would tend to be rather sweet because of the raisins, it is actually quite savoury with the sweetness of the raisins providing more of a mellowed nuance that mingles amazingly well with the tomato sauce and onions. Combine it with a red-skin potato mash (mixed with some finely chopped fresh green onions and wild Greek oregano), and the virtues of this simple dish will become quite apparent in a most satisfying fashion.


Kali Orexi! (Bon Appetit)

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Peter G said...

Whilst bakaliaro isn't my favourite fish I'd be tempted to make this with another firm white fish fillet. It looks really easy and quite tasty Sam.

Kelleigh said...

Looks yummy Sam! I like how articulate the commentator is...even i can understand his American accent ;)

Peter M said...

Sam, nice instructional video, easy to follow.

This is a dish new to me but then again, Greece is very diverse in dishes despite it's small geographical size. I embrace this diversity.

The raisins throw me off a bit but I'm sure your good kitchen hand would make me add this to my repetoire of Greek dishes.

Sam Sotiropoulos said...

Peter - I would be interested in learning how it went. You might want to opt for something like a grouper or even sea bass, but I am sure you will find a good match. And yes, it is very tasty!

Kelleigh - Thanks! As for the commentator, he can be a pain to work with at times but he does good work. ;-) I tried to find someone with a Greek accent, but they were all too thick! LOL

Peter - Thank you, sir! And Greece's diversity is a wonderful thing, it just never ceases to amaze me just how many variations there are! My wife loves this dish, but when I first made it for her she was skeptical about the raisins as well. Sufficient to say that once she had gobbled it all up she was surprised that the raisins did not make dish sweet like she had expected.

Lulu said...

Hi Sam! FYI, I clicked the link that says, "Click here to view recipe" and I left a comment there, which obviously isn't showing up here. I'm not sure how comment notifications work on Blogger, so I thought I'd let you know.

David Hall said...

Thanks for popping over Sam - you are welcome over any time you are in the UK my friend! I adore Greek food. One of the best holidays my wife and I ever had was in the Pelion.

Love your video - how simple is that? My daughter loves fish and raisins so going to do this soon. Personally, I would get some fresh oregano in there? Maybe a squeeze of lemon?

Keep in touch, you are now added to my faves.


Anonymous said...

How delicious! I think I'd try using a different fish, as sustainable cod is so hard to find here atm.

Laurie Constantino said...

Great recipe Sam - I'm a big fan of raisins in savory dishes and this looks like an apt use of them. (To this American's ears, your announcers doesn's sound like any American's accent that I've ever heard - I'd guess Canadian.) I like the effort you are putting into your video (and your articles) - the quality shows.

Jessie V said...

YUM. thanks, as always, for your fantastic recipes!