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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tzatziki Recipe Video (Τζατζίκι)

I receive several requests every month for a Tzatziki sauce recipe, so I finally decided to oblige and provide my own take on the famous condiment. 

Creating a recipe video is always a learning experience. This is my first cameo appearance in an instructional Greek cooking video (I have to admit, I was a little nervous), so there is much room for improvement from a presentational, technical, and production value standpoint. On the other hand, I believe my recipe for a classic Tzatziki sauce leaves very little room for improvement, as the result is simply excellent - even if I do say so myself. Rich and creamy, with a bold garlicky flavour mingled with the freshness of the cucumber and dill, this sauce (or dip, or salad) will have you, your family, friends, and guests coming back for more. Just make sure to refrigerate it well before serving as the flavours need some time to coalesce in order to impart the full gustatory sense of this "salad" that eats like a sauce.  

Let me just say that I likely could have edited this video until the cows came home (figuratively speaking of course, as we don't have a dairy farm), but I am happy with the recipe itself, so I decided to publish it as is.  My one solace: I am quite certain that after watching this Greek recipe video, you will not easily forget how to make a great Tzatziki sauce, it really is easy. So, enjoy it in good health!

Pánta Kalá (Always Be Well),

Sam Sotiropoulos 
Greek Gourmand™ 
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Ivy said...

What can I say about tzatziki. I can't think of a Greek who doesn't like it.

Peter G said...

I'm loving your videos Sam! Keep it up! Like Ivy said, who doesn't love tzatziki? You've done a fantastic job in explaining all the necessary steps. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great post Sam, I love the video and you don't sound one bit nervous! I know how nerve wracking cooking on camera is and you did great!!!

I love tzatziki and will try your version out the next time I 'cook Greek'.

Hugging the Coast said...

Great video! Of course, the tzatziki looks wonderful!

Lore said...

Not only that all Greeks like it, I can't think of any of my non-Greek friends who doesn't like it. You've got the making of down to science Sam, it looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you modify the recipe for dill and garlic. It's entirely to taste. Some put none; I put lots. Same with dill. It's a good idea to let it rest for several hours, stirring from time to time, to allow the garlic to flavor the entire mixture. The one tzatziki I ate and didn't much like was served as soon as it was made = little garlic bombs. You know, I imagine, that tzatziki is "permanent" favorite recipe for Nancy on Ya sta heria sou! Michael from Salonica. PS You haven't lived until you've had it with homemade goat/sheep's milk yogurt. 6 stars. Try tzatziki with Briam or grilled soutzoukakia.

MrOrph said...

Great video Sam! I'm actually liking all of them. So you're the next Food Network Star? :-)

Okay, about the tzatziki, more garlic! Need at least 10 cloves, yes?

Great recipe.

white on rice couple said...

OMG! what a great video! You look fantastic and so professional! I'm ready for your TV cooking show!

Thanks for this great recipe and what a great learning experience!

panole8riambos said...

Tzatziki rocks !!!
Thanks for the recipe, very nice blog.

Gabi @ Mamaliga said...


Love seeing you on cooking videos! Fabulous! Good explanations, demo, etc. Not to speak of your fantastic recipes! Hurray for Tzatziki! The way it should be done everywhere!


Jessie V said...

Sam -THANKS!! i love this sauce. Hmm...i think i need to make it today!

Jessie V said...

sam - my mom made this yesterday, i am making it right now!! thanks so much. yum!

Cindy H said...

That was a great video! The cows don't need to come home..
Now I can serve this with the Kalamari! Thanks!...and thank goodness for Twitter! :o)
Cindy H
Owl - Athenian Owl

Cindy H said...

You would have laughed hysterically at my Tzatziki!
I bought the wrong dang yogurt, and it was stirred. I couldn't get it to drain to save my soul.
At any rate, it still TASTED good...just not a great texture! lol
Cindy Hall

Donna Papacosta said...

I can't wait to try this. I haven't made my own tzatziki in a while, and your recipe and method look FABULOUS.

I Wish I was Greek said...

I love tzatziki! Definitely gonna try this recipe! The other recipes i have don't tell you to strain all that stuff and it ended up being really watery. Yuck. This is so unauthentic, but once i ran out of pita, so i ate it on some cool ranch doritos. It was pretty good. Still, nothing beats good pita!