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Monday, April 13, 2009

REWARD: $100 Mastic Shrimp Saganaki Bounty

Have you not noticed how often they became silent when you approached them, and how their strength left them like smoke from a dying fire?
-excerpted from Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche
My Mastic Shrimp Saganaki recipe - Click to Enlarge Image

Dear Friends & Foes,

My apologies in advance for what you are about to read. As my longtime readers can attest, this is an atypical posting for me, but one that I feel is necessary after many repeated provocations by a certain individual and his cronies, whom I have collectively and affectionately dubbed as the "CoD" (Confederacy of Dunces). This will be my one and only statement on the matter, so I thank you to please indulge and humour me just this once.

A blowhard and a freeloading mama's boy has publicly insinuated that I fraudulently claimed to have created the unique combination of my Mastic Shrimp Saganaki recipe. As I do not normally engage in mean-spirited and petty arguments, I will allow you, my readers to form your own conclusion as to the veracity of my/his claim.

To sweeten things up somewhat, I am offering a bounty of $100 to anyone who can find a recipe for Mastic shrimp in a tomato sauce, similar to or exactly like my own, that was verifiably published before mine (in Greek or in English). It saddens me to have to waste precious life moments on the fatuous charge made by a scoundrel, but the Internet is full of people who say whatever they like, and who think they can get away without ever being called to account. Now, IF (and that’s a big IF) I unwittingly represented the combination of shrimp, mastic, and tomato sauce as my own creation when it was not, then I will be happy to recant my claim and pay out the $100 to anyone who can prove such is the case.

Now, who said Greek food wasn’t interesting?


Kali Orexi! (Bon Appétit),

Sam Sotiropoulos
Greek Gourmand™
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Joanne said...

Don't get too upset. There is always someone out there being a blow hard.
However, think of all the BILLIONS of recipes and a recipe cannot obtain a copy right to my knowledge. One can only claim ownership on the methodology to make the dish.
Your dishes and recipes are winners in my book. Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about people claiming you stole an idea or what not from them. It's ridiculous to think that somewhere, someone out there isn't thinking about the same ideas out there. You might think you have a signature dish but lo and behold someone halfway across the world is doing the same exact thing.

Instead of getting all this rage over it you should just admit that great minds think alike and move on.

One thing I have learned since starting my blog is it's one thing to post a recipe and it's another thing for me to actually serve you in my own home. The technique that you use to cook your food and the reactions of people enjoying your food in front of you are your signature.

You have a great blog, don't sweat the small stuff. Anytime you something good going on for yourself there will always be one person that is jealous of it. Just realize there are a lot more in the majority that are fans of your work.


Rina said...

So frustrating!!!

I hope that this Mama's boy leaves you alone. Urgh!

Unknown said...

Hi Sam,
I am a foodie researching on Greek food. I'm exploring the country's culture through its food. I am looking for interesting food that is unusual, adventurous to find or cook and eat and has a really ethnic cooking technique or interesting way to catch. I am looking in 3 areas of Greece - Athens or mainland Crete and perhaps one other island.

I would really appreciate any input from you, since you are an authority in the subject.

BroderWriter said...

Sam, you are THE MAN. If you say you came up with it first, I know for SURE you came up with it first. Isn't it pathetic that some folks have so little to occupy their minds that they search for trouble to create--makes them feel more alive. And as a chef, too, I know that the more you cook, the more you create on your own. It's natural to come up with new combos. Anyway, what you are doing--educating people about something you are expert on--is a beautiful thing, and I thank you. And I respect you. Hugs and peace and happy creative food vibes.


Natasha said...

Sam, I am sorry you have to deal with people like this but, believe me, they are everywhere! Miserable people always want to make the rest of the world miserable. This is a case of jealousy. As simple as that. Keep on doing what you're doing, you have an excellent website.

Jenn said...

They're just jealous. They know you've got a great recipe. Seriously. Keep doing what you do. Apparently, this person has way too much time on their hands to go around accusing people especially when they're still living at home and uses his own mother's cooking as his own.

Tangled Noodle said...


You are an incredible blogger who does so much to bring Greek food and its history to a wider audience who might otherwise experience only a fraction of the huge scale of delicious dishes that your cuisine has to offer. I certainly understand the frustration you must feel when someone has questioned your integrity but your friends do not doubt you - please don't lose sleep over this and instead, continue to share your incredible knowledge with us!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam!
I understand your frustration and discomfort and personally think you have great courage in making things public.
Like all your friends (interestingly enough, they are mine, too) said, there are miserable people out there bent on making other people's lives miserable instead of sharing and being positive.
I'm an agnostic, but if some deity happened to actually exist, he/she is bidding her time with a great smile across his/her face!
Count your friends, discount your foes!
Keep your 100$ and have a drink on behalf of all your friends!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam!

Okay, so I spent a half-hour or so going through my Greek cookbooks and some on-line searches more because $100 bucks would be nice right now NOT because I especially wanted to prove you wrong but thought I might learn something, and I did. I now know more about Shrimp Saganaki, mastic, Retsina and Ouzo than I ever thought I would. You're right. Greek food is fun! And while recipes for Shrimp Saganaki abound I do honestly believe the use of mastic in it was your original genius and now have to find some to make this fabulous dish! Thanks for the educational opportunity and don't let the turkeys get ya down.
So Many Cook Books...So Little Time

Melinda said...

Ooh, fight fight fight! Sorry to hear that you're embroiled in this kind of dispute but I trust that you'll prevail!

Sam Sotiropoulos said...

I want to thank each of you for having the courage to come
forward and post your thoughts on this matter. It was not easy for me, so I know it was not easy for you. But, nothing easy is ever really earned, and you have earned my humble gratitude and friendship. Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging sentiments.

Gaurav said...

Sam, it does not matter whose recipe it is, but in the execution. Going by the photo,I wish I was there makes me hungry everytime I look at it.
Such people have no other work and going by your previous posts and your brilliant recipes win hands down.

ladyironchef said...

Hello, I dropped by from Foodbuzz. Please don't let those trolls spoil your day, people that obviously have nothing to do, and do not understand the hard work we put in our blogs. Keep your recipes coming : )


chefectomy said...

Love Saganaki, nice post.


ltraider said...

Bravo for confronting the blowhards. Best of luck in defending you honor!

allison said...

Hi Sam,
Keep up the good work. some people just are not happy unless they try to upset other people. They are just Jealous

Gabi said...

Ah - another "courageous" opinionated idiot behind the security of a computer screen. I've seen this so many times while administering or moderating forums, etc.

It is the same pattern that happens. Everything is peaceful, etc. until HE/SHE comes along and ruffles everything up.

Why? Because HE/SHE is just a lonely, sad, pathetic human being that just needs attention or maybe hug? :-)

Poor thing - it is more to be pitied than be mad at - his attack reveals his insecurities more than anything.

I am used to these types - Lol. They are everywhere. Even on my blog. Funnily enough, they are fellow compatriots!

Sam - you are The Reference in Greek culinary creations - PERIOD!

Gabi @

Jacoba said...

I really didn't want to comment here and have kept out of it deliberately, but I really think it boils down to the taste. Challenge the little man and let's see. To waste your valuable time on getting angry (really angry) isn't worth it, really it isn't.

Have been away for a while for personal reasons (and because I didn't get my feeds) but believe me, it's getting better and better - the last two being the best ever.