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Monday, May 31, 2010

Greek Food Festival Season

Get ready for another summer season of great Greek food and cultural entertainment, coming soon to a Greek festival near you!

Crowds milling about and lining up for grub at Taste of the Danforth 2009

Here in North America the summer is almost upon us, and the numerous Greek food festivals that accompany the fine weather are also spinning up. Whether organized by Greek Orthodox parish groups or local business associations, these festivals are always worthwhile events for foodies as the grub is plentiful, varied and reasonably priced. And the people watching opportunities are pretty good too...

What can you expect to taste, see and hear at a typical Greek food festival? Well, the menus usually include items like Spanakopita, Souvlaki, Tzatziki, Baklava, plus a whole bunch of less well-known regional Greek specialties. In addition to the nosh, you can also drink some Ouzo or sample a growing array of excellent Greek wines that are usually on offer. Accompanying the food and drink are the numerous traditional dance shows and musical ensembles which can aid digestion by getting one in the mood to dance. Just don't expect to be breaking any plates as they are usually made of paper or styrofoam, but you and your friends can always throw a few napkins about as you cavort.

As there is no central directory/catalogue for North American Greek food festivals, I thought it might be helpful to bring attention to the various events by opening up this blog to periodic festival announcements. So, if you are a festival organizer, participant or visitor who would like to spread the word about a particular Greek food fest, feel free to send me an email at greekgourmand(at) and I will add you to our festival updates.

Looking forward to some great summer food fests, starting with this week:

34th annual Richmond Greek Food Festival

32nd annual Des Moines Greek Food Fair

New Jersey Greek Fest 2010

Pànta Kalà (Always Be Well),

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